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Turn Em Green: Word Puzzle


Turn Em Green is a FREE and **original** word game that takes a unique twist on the word puzzle genre. The goal is simple: turn all the tiles green by forming words. Sounds easy? Give it a try!Turn Em Green is a new kind of word search puzzle game. It is played on a board of letter tiles that are initially different colours. The player makes moves by selecting adjacent letter tiles and forming words. Each time a word is formed the selected letter tiles “flip around” and change colour. Solve the board by turning all the tiles green but be careful not to use too many moves!
The game features hundreds of carefully designed levels that start easy and become more challenging as boards become larger, words get longer and more tile colours are introduced. ** The free and XL versions of Turn Em Green feature different levels - try both versions **
- Free to download, no in-app purchases- Over 500 challenging and addictive levels - Easy to learn and play- Different board sizes, word lengths and number of tile colours- Reward points for completing levels. Exchange these points for hints- Casual gaming and challenge oriented playing styles, perfect for giving the brain a workout on the daily commute